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XR is only as good as the XRumer Lists you use. Some users purchase Xrumer 7 and expect to achieve great results using old and poor quality linklists. This simply will not happen. If you want to maximise your successes with XRumer, you need fresh, verified, and quality linkslists on a regular basis. These can be harvested through HREFER (which comes free with XRumer!), or you can purchase them direct from ourselves to save you time.

XRumer Lists (Fresh Monthly)


›› 20,000 XRumer LinksList
›› 3,000~ Forum Posts (not profiles)
›› Emailed Within 2-3hrs
›› Price: $40 USD


›› 550,000+ LinksList
›› Unique Domains Only
›› 200K Reg, 60K+ Profiles
›› Price: $149 USD


›› 10,000 Unique Profiles
›› ALL Publicly Viewable
›› Profiles With Link
›› Price: $75 USD

Why not let XRumerGeek provide your Linkslists?

›› We can deliver fresh, unique linkslists to you.
›› We accept custom orders, contact us for a quote.
›› We never oversell, so your list will remain fresh for longer.
›› Lists are typically sent within 2-3 hours, never longer than 24 hours.